Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Explanation of terms used

Kenema: large town capital of the Eastern Province
Dama Rd: road from Kenema to Dama Chiefdom
Bondo: women's secret society
Bondo Devil: the spirit and symbol of the Bundu society
Tokpombu Nongowa: village just outside Kenema
Nongowa: the chiefdom similar to county) where we lived
Vaama: a small village outside Kenema near the River Moa
Foindu: a small village on the road to Dama and near Kenema
Koindu: a town at the border with Guinea and Liberia
Sokurella: a small Kuranko village at the base of Mt. Bintimani in the Loma Mountains
Kuranko: an ethnic group in the north of Sierra Leone
Mende: an ethnic group in the East and south of Sierra Leone where we lived
Bitema: a small village on the road to Dama and also near Kenema

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