Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Sierra Leone Peace Corps Photo Show ?

I am wondering if there is interest out there for organizing a traveling exhibit of the Peace Corps experience in Sierra Leone. This might include our photographs and perhaps some of our thoughts about our years spent in Peace Corps service.  I am willing to try and collate this and perhaps try and organize a traveling exhibit. I think there is interest in the general public in this regard and I could try and make the contacts and even seek sponsorship to help get this off the ground. The idea would be to have this in galleries, museums, college museums etc throughout the country. I am sure there are enough of our pictures out there such that we could make high resolution reproductions and present them in an attractive manner. Of course anyone donating their returnable negatives/positives would receive credit and recognition. And of course any written statements would be welcome - just to make this project more personal. Now that our President-elect Barack Obama is re-igniting the Peace Corps spirit maybe it is time to try and do this project. Please contact me at with any ideas or suggestions. Let's try and make this happen!

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Chad Finer - said...

The idea would be to create a traveling exhibit of photographs and text from all our experiences as volunteers. I am willing to be the coordinator for this and create a catalogue once pictures and text have been chosen. Criteria for inclusion would include quality of the picture for reproduction. Pictures sent to me should be of high resolution (300 to 600pixels/inch and not bigger than 1000mb) If desired a cd could be sent to me containing pictures (with text) and I could work easier from these. I can be reached as per my earlier post. Thanks

Chad Finer