Friday, February 20, 2009

A Night in Lunsar

I think it was sometime during one of our December breaks that Susan and I traveled to the Lunsar area of the Northern Province to visit with fellow Peace Corps volunteer Ivan Mustain.  Ivan came from the west - I think maybe California - and in Lunsar was teaching secondary school.  Visiting Ivan was a chance to visit not only with him, but to see the area where he lived. Lunsar was a big town tucked in the northwest. I remember Lunsar as having some industrial component to it but our short visit there was a few days, and my most memorable time was the night that Ivan and I acquired a ball from some of the boys in his neighborhood, and we began throwing the ball as high as we could. With each throw the boys would try to catch the ball - in those days I had a very good arm and could throw. And with each throw, more and more boys would come by and become part of the event that we created.  This went on for about 60 minutes and by that point there were perhaps 50 or so boys, trying to catch our "high flys," and then bringing the ball back to us to be thrown again. By the end it was becoming dark and we had to stop - but by the end we seemed to have almost every little boy in the area.  It was great fun. I remember my throwing arm being sore the next morning. 

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