Thursday, February 26, 2009


             --------the old man today--------

I have created this blog for a number of reasons. It has forced me to rethink about our Peace Corps days of so long ago and to think about the many folks that became like family while we were over there.  It has forced me to go over the very many photographs that I took as I traveled about the country - and to try (eventually) to put them in some sort of a meaningful place for others to see. It has also made me try to organize all the "stuff" that was a part of that 1968-1970 period.  I was young in those days - I was barely trained. But I was eager to learn, eager to teach, eager to do something out there, and I was a careful observer.  The hard part was leaving - we certainly had toyed with extending for two more years. It certainly took me a half year to readjust to life back home.  The other aspect of this blog is the hope that it will reach many folks who share in any way the experiences that we had - and this includes other RPCVs from that time, our old students from that time, and our old friends from that time. Given how the internet is set up, I have already connected with a few old friends - and this has been easy.  As I plug along down memory lane I am hopeful that others will find my site, look through it for their own purposes, and then contact me with their thoughts. I am enjoying this immensely. 

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