Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kendwi at Tokpombu Nongowa

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This picture was taken at the village of Tokpombu in Nongowa Chiefdom in early 1970. It shows women of the local Bondo society carrying a spirit known as Kendwi. They are on Dama Road as it heads out of Kenema toward Dama Chiefdom. Although I was never able to obtain an adequate explanation of this spirit, it seemed to represent the ending of Bondo training. Its appearance was that of a covered body on a platform. This was carried about by the women as they moved about the village almost in a frenzy. I did have the sense that this spirit was a more serious one and that its meaning to the women who carried it about was quite meaningful. Anyone out there who might be able to add to my impression - please feel free to do so. I would appreciate it.

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