Friday, May 29, 2009


view of Blama - December 1968

Peace Corps volunteer Lee Behnke (1967-69) with Blama neighbors - Dec. 1968

Blama was a town about 12 miles from Kenema. Here we knew two Peace Corps Volunteers named Lee and Michael Behnke. They were New Englanders - Lee had gone to the same University as Susan. They were in the Peace Corps group one year ahead of us. Over their last year when we overlapped with them we paid them several visits in Blama. The Behnkes also taught in a Catholic Mission School run by an animated and active priest named Father Inunugu - who was of the Ibo Ethnic Group of Nigeria. He was a little man but his energy was overwhelming and infectious. We spent a number of nights at dinner at his house when the Behnkes left for home. The above picture was taken on one of our trips to visit. The two boys in the picture are unknown - they just happened to be walking up this hill overlooking Blama when I took the picture. In the distance and on the horizon the hills of Kenema (where we lived) can be seen. They were known as the Kambuhii Hills. This picture was probably taken in December 1968. [you can double click on the picture to enlarge it]

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