Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Bondo Society

I am not sure what exactly drew me to concentrating many of my images on the Bondo Society - it was perhaps its historical and cultural impact, along with its wonderfully charming and beautiful spirit. I was lucky in that in our area lived the leader of the local Bondo - as mentioned in previous postings, her name was Mama Hokey. Although this society was a secret one, they did allow us to observe their "public" activities, which were many. They also allowed me to take pictures of these public events some of which I have placed here today---;

Bondo Spirit at Mama Hokey's village of Foindu in the Nongowa Chiefdom/Kenema District - 1969

Below - a series of pictures taken at Bitema in the Nongowa Chiefdom of the Bondu Spirit attending to a Bondo Girl. Although posted previously these images are among my favorites. 1969-70

[all pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them]

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