Tuesday, May 5, 2009

HRSS student Sabina Tucker

Sabina Tucker in the school garden at HRSS Kenema
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Where are you now Sabina and what are you doing?  Did you finish secondary school?  Did you go on to college?   What are you doing now?   Do you have a family?  Although I could ask these same questions about all of our students in those days - today I came across this picture of Sabina working in our school garden - I have a few memories of her.  I do not remember where Sabina came from although I remember her being of the Mende ethnic group. She was a good student - she worked hard as studies did not come easy for her. But she was a wonderful person. Even when things might not be going well for her she was always pleasant, always with a smile on her face, and always very attentive and respectful of others.  She volunteered for everything - she was always so positive.  Both Susan and I got along very well with her. Sabina was such a very good person. Sometime after the dry season I began a school garden and asked for volunteers. She was the first to volunteer and the hardest of workers. So very responsible she attended to the garden almost daily with weeding, care of the plants, and enjoying every bit of it.  Sabina had started with us in our first year at HRSS (she was a first former then).  She was a serious person - my impression was that she came from a strong and close family.  As with all our students from that era - I wonder (with some concern) who and whether she/they survived the horrible ten year war. Hopefully she and the others managed to escape the horror of that period.  If any follow this blog and can direct it to HRSS students I would appreciate it. 

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