Saturday, May 30, 2009

St. Paul's Boy's Primary School

Celebration at St. Paul's Primary School in Kenema - 1969

taken in a classroom (English) at St. Paul's Primary School in Kenema. The school uniform was white shirt and khaki shorts. Taken in 1969. Teaching this class was John Koroma. 

Very near our house was the boy's primary school run by the Catholic Mission in Kenema. I knew many of the teachers and also the principal whose name was Teacher Goba.  I knew a number of the teachers including John Koroma, Teacher Amara. I was tutoring John Koroma in Math and in exchange he taught me Mende - or at least tried to.  St. Paul's Primary school was big with probably several hundred boys. The facility itself was adequate in those days - they had a big football field just outside - football being the most popular sport in those days.  (double click on images to enlarge them)

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