Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kenema Teacher's Training College Class 1970

We taught the last few classes of the Kenema Teacher's Training College (TTC).  These were good students, and future leaders in education in Sierra Leone. I am not sure why but the Kenema TTC was closing and the TTC school compound was  by 1968 changing to a secondary school (Holy Rosary Secondary School - Kenema). I suspect that many of the TTC students that we taught went on to become leading educators.  The picture above was taken of one group and although I remember many of their names I do not remember all.  If there is anyone following this blog who may be able to provide the names for this group I would appreciate it. I do know Juliana Bio, Cecilia Jah, Anna Clark, Josephine Jones, and Dolly Peters. I am unable to retrieve the others. Help out if you can. 

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