Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ye Massa with Segburreh

One of my favorite pictures (this has been posted before) - this picture of Ye Massa playing the segburreh was taken about the same time, and in the same place, as the picture of the Garloughs (see below). As I remember it it was a weekend Bondo gathering behind Mrs. Elizabeth Porter's house and near where Mama Hawa and her family lived. Her the Bondo paraded then gathered. I went with my camera and Ye Massa, who spoke only Mende, was present playing the "shake-shake." Ye Massa was someone who I did not know well. I remember her having a very strong personality - un afraid of anyone or anything. As I walked about the neighborhood from time to time, when our paths crossed she would greet me in an insistent manner, demanding that I speak to her in proper Mende. She would not speak in Krio - I do not know if she really knew it or not - I suspect she did. Her interactions with others were the same. A very proper person, a confident public speaker, others gave her slack when she spoke. Here, in this picture she smiles proudly, as she plays this wonderful insturment made of dried gourd, network of strings and sometimes cowrie shells (here buttons have been used). She could knock out a cadence on this as good as anyone, and as loud. [as with all pictures - double click to enlarge] - another of my favorite pictures - also posted before - is of Pa Sam at his farm house near Vaama - this will be posted tomorrow with more commentary.

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