Thursday, October 15, 2009

Carding of Cotton at Sokurella

In this photo taken in the Kuranko village of Sokurella in the Loma Mountains, a woman sits on her veranda carding (or cleaning) cotton in preparation for making the cotton thread. This March 1970 photo was taken on one of my two trips to hike in this remote mountainous area. This village was tucked under the highest peak of the Loma Mountains known as Bintimani. In March 1970 fellow Peace Corps volunteer Lloyd Ziegler and I stopped and spent a few days in this village before heading up to hike to the summit. Sokurella was located near the savannah. From here a hike to the summit took about 3 or 4 hours. It was below the summit on a grass plateau that we made our "base camp." From here a hike to the summit was an additional hour. The air up there was cool with the mountain climate resembling a summer day in New England. Mornings were quite cool - something that was a refreshing change from the tropical climate elsewhere in Sierra Leone. During our stay up on Bintimani the weather was sunny (March was at the end of the dry season).

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