Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Road from Kabala to Kurobonla - March 1969

The road from Kabala to Kurobonla was a mean rollercoaster ride. In March 1969 Skip Smith and I traveled this road. I got pretty banged up in the process sustaining big bruises to my back from getting bounced around the inside of the lorry. This 75 mile latterite dirt road was rutted, dusty, and in places where bridges crossed small streams the road was downright dangerous, to which this photo documents. We came to this bridge and the few planks that survived were supplemented with small logs cut down by the crew. In this case Skip and I got out of the lorry and hesitatingly walked across to the other side where I took this picture. The 75 mile distance took nearly a full day to navigate. I remember how exhausted I was as our journey to Kurobonla finished - this journey being complicated by a smuggling operation that we were unaware of, and a side tour to Guinea where we, as U.S. citizens were, in those days, not allowed to go. I arrived in Kurobonla exhausted from the 24 hrs on the road, banged up due to being tossed from side to side on the rutted road, and with lungs filled with road dust. A more complete account of our journey can be found in an earlier posting on this blog site.

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