Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wuya Karankey

Wuya lived across from us and was married to a man who came from Guinea who we knew as Pa Karankey. Wuya was deaf - although I think this came late in her life as she was able to speak Mende - although her hearing deficit led to a peculiar pattern of speech. Wuya was a very good person. Concerned for others, a genuine and good friend, she also had a fun-loving streak in her. I estimate that in those years she was in her late 30's, she ran a small market along with other women up at the school selling roasted peanuts (they called them groundnuts) to the children - and embarrassingly supplying me with daily newspaper wrapped peanuts. She found out that I was fond of roasted peanuts and thus for some reason felt obligated to supply me with several pounds. She also ran a small market on the veranda at #55 Dama Road - this being one of a number of small enterprises coordinated with her husband. In this photo she holds a pan of roasted nuts ready for market. I can not emphasize enough how very moral a person she was. Generous - she did good deeds for everyone and expected nothing in return. Concerned when there was trouble in the area she saw to it that children - all children - were safe and cared for. Clearly her deafness was a handicap - but others respected her so that they would spend the time so that she was included in all neighborhood activities. To us she was a good neighbor. She enjoyed our visits which were almost daily and coming after we were done for the day with our teaching chores - Wuya was not averse to teasing me when I did something foolish.

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