Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Freetown today - an environmental disaster ?

in July and early August in 1968 we lived in Freetown at #77 Pademba Rd. We lived with the Nelson-Williams family there. Although Freetown in those days was crowded, and there were issues - all of them have been magnified by the 10 year war that drove people to Freetown. The population there has increased by 6 times since we lived there. This link is discouraging.

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Alan said...

I trained in Freetown in 1969 and lived with Mrs. Zarah Johnson's family; she was a primary school principal. My post was in Yonibana, off Mile 88 on the main road upcountry. I can't imagine Freetown's population multiplied 6 times; yet I knew that the troubled times must have made life very difficult there.