Friday, July 2, 2010

Peace Corps Mini-Reunion

Last night at our house Tom Hall and his wife Jill, and Skip Smith and his wife Teresa came for a visit and for supper. Tom now lives in our area after a long career in the foreign service throughout Africa. At one time he was Ambasador to Sierra Leone. Skip is a Vermonter (from Middlebury). After the Peace Corps he went to Tuck business school then worked in banking before beceoming an academic. He has been in Nigeria for quite a while (in the North) and has decided to go into business (marketing) this year with a firm in Nigeria. Skip, Tom, Susan and I were volunteers in Sierra Leone (1968-70) and Jill was there as a volunteer from 1969-71. Skip and Tom were in primary education in the northern province. Jill taught at Port Loko Teacher's Training College. This "mini-reunion" was almost 42 years to the day that we all left after staging in Philadelphia for training in-country in Sierra Leone. We left July 4, 1968.

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