Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh Rogie

I knew him as S.E. Rogers but he was better known as Rogie. He sang in Krio - some English - and in Mende and was a popular singer and guitar player in Sierra Leone when I lived there. Unlike Salia Koroma who sang complicated Mende songs, Mr. Rogers songs were thematically uncomplicated but many of them I found pleasant. This one My Lovely Elisabeth was perhaps my favorite of his. Mr. Rogers was perhaps the most well-known of the so-called palm wine singers of that time.


bob said...

Chad. I was a PC in Sa Lone 74-76. I recently bought a record player to make mp3 files. I have 2 albums by SE Rogie including the song My Lovely Elizabeth.

If you would like I can send you a CD

My email is at finepassall. I've sent you email before but it always gets bumped.


Don Irwin

by Chad Finer said...

yes - if you want to send it - Brigham Hill - Norwich, Vt 05055