Thursday, August 18, 2011

What it meant (continued)

...and there was plasas (African 'chop'); potato leaf - cassava leaf - Jollif rice; the complexities of Mende for a pumui; dust on your face - red dust at that - from a long trip on a lorry; there was a bad lorry accident near Bo in which somehow we survived (Susan with head concussion and laceration and me unscathed; my friends: Siaka and Catherine Kpaka, Patrick Garlough, Bankole Porter, Sabina Garlough, Pa Garlough, Mrs. Elizabeth Porter, Gashin Porter, Senesi Edward Lahai, Momo and Mansaray Vandy, Mama Hokey Kemoh, Bonya, Sisi Elizabeth, Pa Maju Bah, Pas Sam and his wife Massa, Ye Massa with all her eccentricity, Alfred Garlough, Alfred Porter, Gina, Baby Hokey, Baby Issetta, Hokey "Kpokpoi", Teacher John Koroma, Teacher Goba, Joseph Gobie, Foday Siaka, Father Ganda, Pa Massaquoi, B. S. Massaquoi, Allieu B. Massaquoi, Su Gande, and others to follow; malaria and hepatitis; meeting Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) and Miriam Makeba; meeting Salia Koroma; the postmaster in Kenema who knew one day that if I didn't leave Kenema immediately that day I would be in danger; Mama Hawa; a women who grimaced at me as I turned to document the trip as we crossed the Moa at flood stage in a dugout canoe and then, rightfully so, preceded to yell at me for my stupidity - we were later to become friends as I apologized, took her and her daughter's picture, and later returned to her village to present her with a copy and an additional apology; the hospitality of folks up under Bintimani in the village of Sokurella; getting our airmail several months late; Teddy Kennedy personally paying to have books delivered to our fledgling library; the wonderful students we had; our colleagues at HRSS; Pa Joseph - the cook; [to be continued again]---->

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