Saturday, August 6, 2011

What it meant...

Wonderful people. Incredibly unusual and new experiences. Huge learning curve. Universality of humor. Beautiful music and harmony. Daily rhythm and daily cadence. How alike (in some ways) we all are. How we all have such different origins. Beautiful colors. Friendships. Wonderfully smiling faces. Hot pepper. Human frailties. Upland rice. African time. The fishbowl. The rain forest. Mambas and Cobras (spitting) and Gaboon vipers. Latterite roads. Packed lorries. Dusty roads. Thunder and Lightening. Exotic sounds from our shortwave radio. "Tiefman-dem" coming in the night. Sitting at the summit of Bintimani. Small and simple villages. Bush roads. The River Moa. Funloving students. Explaining the moon landing (1969) to Pa Maju. "Lili peppe...lili sol...dry bunga go machem dey." Bartering. The Masanga Leprasorium. Samuel DeShay, M.D. Bouts of malaria. Bondo activities. SLPP and APC disagreements. Palm wine and one try of omolé. Country Cloth. Bondo devils and girls. Teaching and coaching. "Smoku-pipee."Garrah. Dama Road. Vaama. Tokpombu. Bitema. Gbenderoo. Kenema Town. Pujehun. Panguma and its hospital. Sokurella. Bintimani. Joru. Daru. Blama. Tumbu flies. Lokko drums. Fula acrobats. Segbureh (shake shake). [to be continued]


l bonnet said...

Dear Sir I'm a french author.
SALONE is a novel and will be translated in english in 2012.
Actually I'm preparing the french edition.
Salone is a novel wich taking place in Sierra Leone between 1959 and 2009. A chapter had been written with the inspiration of one of your picture.
It will associated to devlopment project with my author rights (I'm looking for the partner) Awaiting this opportunity (perhaps could you suggest me an idea), I would like to use your pictures for a little movie online, associated to a reading of passages of the book.
Is it possible ?
Hoping your interest
Best regards
Laurent Bonnet

by Chad Finer said...

Thank you for your communication. I am sorry that I do not speak French. Which pictures are you interested in? I am interested in your novel - hopefully I will read the English version when it comes out. We can communicate better via email :
Chad Finer