Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hokey "Kpokpoi"

The photo to the right is of a young girl, about the age of 6, who lived across the road from us. Her name was Hokey, named after the women who owned the house and who was the head of the area Bondo Society. Little Hokey was given the nickname of Kpokpoi which in Mende referred to her prominent chin. She was felt by the neighbors to resemble me and thus they joked that she was my sister. In this photo she is having her hair plaited by a woman named Bonya. This was somewhat of a luxury for a little girl to find the time to have her hair plaited (braided). Photo taken in 1969-70 at #55 Dama Rd in Kenema.The photo was taken on the front veranda. In the background can be seen Pa Karankey's small market. The young person on the left is a young girl named Hawa.

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