Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pa Maju Bah - Al Hajji and Fula Section Chief - Kenema, Sierra Leone

Pa Maju Bah of Kenema was the Fula section chief. Photo taken  c. 1969 during Ramadan at Pa Maju's 
house on Dama Road. Fula musicians play typical Fula instruments, and wear typical traditional Fula 
clothing.  -  photo © by Chad Finer
Al Hajji Pa Maju Bah was the Fula section chief in the area of Kenema where we lived. A gentle and distinguished man, he was the prominent cattle dealer in Kenema Town, and the leader of all the Fula in the area. He lived modestly, had many visitors daily, had been on a pilgrimage to Mecca, and was disappointed in the United States trying to be God by traveling to and landing on the moon (1969). As he complained to me on one of my visits to his house, he was disappointed that, "Americans were trying to play God."  

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