Friday, June 21, 2013

It was a quiet Sunday

Bondo Women head by Mrs. Porter's home on Dama Road in Kenema
on a quiet Sunday  [circa early 1970]
photo © by Chad Finer
It was a quiet Sunday in the early part of 1970. The day, as I remember it was cloudy and relatively cool - comfortable by Kenema standards. Our Sundays tended to be quiet with little to do except the occasional treks to visit friends, or many times to prepare for our teaching. This picture was taken in the early afternoon across from where we lived. I may have heard the singing, or may have been warned that there would be this gathering - I do not remember. However I am sure I grabbed my camera and headed out to the road to take this picture of Kenema women heading by, singing and dancing as they passed in celebration of a Bondo activity.  As I looked up Dama Rd. in the direction of Kenema, they paraded by for the most part ignoring my presence. In this picture their joyous celebration is located just beyond Mrs. Elizabeth Porter's house. Mrs. Porter lived across from us on Dama Rd.  She had two sons who I knew - Gashan, who for a while worked in a local bank in Kenema, and Bankole. She was outspoken - she had lived in Freetown. Her house was big, somewhat untidy and rambling. I believe she rented out rooms. She liked us and reminded me of folks I knew from home. 

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