Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bondo at #55 Dama Road in Kenema

Bondo celebration outside #55 Dama Road in Kenema in 1969. In this photo women dance (the dancer in the middle is Sisi Elizabeth) in front of very young Bondo mock-initiates dressed in white. This was situated outside the house owned by Mama Hokey Kemoh and across Dama Road from where we lived.   Photo © by Chad Finer

The photograph below was taken next door to #55 Dama Road (at #59) sometime in early 1970. The three Bondo initiates show here probably came from the nearby village of Bitema or Gbenderoo in Nongowa Chiefdom of Kenema District. The woman with the segburreh in the front is unfamiliar to me - but at Bitema I did meet the initiate on the right with the blue neck piece and took a series of pictures of her being attended to by the Bondo masquerade. 
photo © by Chad Finer

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