Saturday, January 2, 2016

Guide on Bintumani March 1969

Upon arrival in the village of Kurobonla at the end of the road we obtained a guide from the local Kuranko paramount chief. I remember his name as Marrah. I believe it was in our first year (March 1969) that we had as our first guide a secondary school student who I remember as named Kewuley Marrah.  The chief was an old man when we met him. He provided us with this man who led us from Kurobonla up to the village of Sokurella and eventually to the summit. In this picture our guide sits above where we made camp, with the summit of Bintumani above him. Photo © by Chad Finer.


Alimamy Kamara said...

I believe that the student named in the text above is my elder brother Kewulay Kamara who currently lives in New York.

sl 68-70 said...

Alimamy - the student mentioned was a resident of Kurobonla - a Kuranko village which in those days sat at the very end of the Kabala-Kuroboinla road. The student - Kewuley Marrah - was about 16 years old in those days (1969) He was a secondary school student I think in Kabala (I could be wrong about this). So by now he would be about 47 years old. His last name was Marrah (or Mara) and not Kamara. I will be posting his picture at a later date. Do you still think that the mentioned student is your older brother?