Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dama Road Pole Vault

Location: Dama Road section of Kenema across from the Holy Rosary Secondary School
Date: 1969

I remember this pole vaulting event spontaneously occurring after school when young boys from the St. Paul's Primary School were heading home. In this picture my neighbor Alfred Garlough demonstrates his skill on a very treacherous setting for the pole vault. I do not remember Alfred as being a very accomplished athlete or student. He had been raised for a time in Freetown by an aunt, but in the last two years they moved him back to Kenema to be with his immediate family. Alfred was very smart, but became very street smart to the exclusion of his schooling, eventually becoming a lorry boy. His English language skills were impressive - I remember that. The Garlough family lived across the road from us. Alfred was in his last year at St. Paul's when this photo was taken. 

Alfred Garlough
photo © by Chad Finer

photo © by Chad Finer

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