Monday, February 1, 2016


Location: at the agricultural university known then as Njala.  
Date:August 1968

It was at Njala that we continued our Peace Corps training after having spent a month in Freetown with language training (Krio) and teaching at the special summer school set up for us. At Njala we continued daily language instruction. We also had training in the many facets of Sierra Leone agriculture which included learning about rice growing, about coffee (cacao) growing, and other areas. Njala was a refreshing upcountry change from Freetown. Although Freetown was busy, it was very crowded even in those days. Upcountry seemed a nice change. In this photo of a Peace Corps volleyball game, our language instructors mixed it up with us - we spent our free time doing a variety of activities including hiking about the area, playing sports, and trying to use Krio when ever we had the chance. At Njala the dorm space was spacious, and the food was very good. Our 1968 training program was the very first in country training program in the Peace Corps

photo © by Chad Finer
At Njala University College - a game of volleyball with volunteers and our Sierra Leonean language instructors

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