Friday, March 4, 2016

Baby Hokey

Baby Hokey (front) lived with her mother Bonya at #55 Dama Road in Kenema. Born just prior to our arrival in the area, Hokey was named after the head of the area Bondo Society leader who owned the house where they lived. This photo was taken in the back yard at their house. In this area there was always lots going on from preparing meals, to the cooking of meals, to other daily activities. On the back veranda (a boy is seen in the background there) when nights were right, the women of the house would gather to sing wonderful traditional Mende songs - both secular and of Bondo origin. Bonya was a very talented singer and was frequently the leader of the singing. She had a beautiful voice. I was especially moved by the harmonies which by my ear had a an especially eery quality. Date: 1969

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