Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fula Acrobat - Ramadan

Location: Dama RoadKenema - at Section Chief Pa Maju Bah's house
Date:  1970
This series of photos was taken at Pa Maju Bah's house on Dama Road in Kenema. He was the Kenema Fula Section chief's in Kenema. Pa Maju lived several houses from where we lived in Kenema. His house was always crowded with visitors. This series was taken during a Muslim celebration and holiday - most likely marking the end of Ramadan. Pa Maju was a wealthy man by Sierra Leone standards - he had been to Mecca. It was Pa Maju who stopped me as I walked by his house after the moon landing to question me about why Americans wanted to play God. Later I was able to obtain a projector and film of the landing (from the USIS in Freetown) and show him the landing. I never had an adequate answer however to his question. 








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