Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lloyd Ziegler - PCV - heading out from Kurobonla

Taken in March 1970 in Kurobonla - a Kuranko village at the end of the road. In this photo Peace Corps volunteer Lloyd Ziegler (secondary education at Holy Trinity in Kenema) heads out on the bush trail to Sokurella the next village on our way to hike into the Loma Mountains. Kurobonla was a village of several hundred people. It was here that the area Paramount Chief lived. I believe the chief had the last name of Marrah - a common last name in the area. From the chief we obtained a guide to lead us to Sokurella and up on the mountain. Our guide can be seen in this photo - he is on the right in the red shirt. I am told that Lloyd now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is a bee keeper. He was a volunteer in Sierra Leone from 1969 to 1972.

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