Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mama Sabina and Sisi Elizabeth

Mama Sabina Garlough (on the left) and Sisi Elizabeth (hands on hips) were two women in our neighborhood on Dama Rd who became our close friends. Mama Sabina was a wonderfully kind and generous person. Of limited means she took it upon herself to see that no one went without help - and this often included food. She was a wonderful mother - nurturing to her extended family that she looked after - and with us she saw to it that each night we had a large meal of rice and sauce (plasas). She was a very hard worker as were many of our neighbors. In exchange for her being so helpful and kind to us we paid some of her children's school fees - something that she never asked us to do and was almost embarassed when she learned that we were doing it. Her husband - Pa Garlough was a nightwatchman at Forest Industries in Kenema. Her nephew - Patrick was one of our best friends. A daughter Elizabeth was a frequent visitor to our house. Baby Elizabeth, another daughter was about 11 or so and a student at our primary school.
Sisi Elizabeth was a wonderfully easy going woman - always with a wonderful smile and a very positive outlook. It was from her that I usually bought 5 cents of daily groundnuts daily. She was a wonderful person. In the back ground in white docket and with her back to the camera is the head of the Bondo Society in our area (and our neighbor) - Mama Hokey Kemoh.

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