Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another posting from NYC

 During the Sierra Leone diaspora, the result of the 10 year war that devestated the entire country, Sierra Leoneans became refugees of local areas such as Guinea and Liberia, the Gambia and other West African countries where refugees were welcomed. Those that were more able made it to Europe or to the U.S. where there are now Sierra Leonean expatriate communities. In the U.S. Sierra Leoneans are spread all over the country from New York to Washington and Maryland. But there are other groups in Texas and elsewhere. Many children have grown up in the states, speak like American kids, and have become contributors to the American life. In 1968 very few if any Sierra Leoneans lived in the U.S. Most went to the UK for school or in those days to the Soviet Union. I do not know the numbers that are now in the U.S. but certainly they have come to the U.S. to escape the horror of their war, and have contributed to making the U.S. more diverse and a better community. It has also resulted in making the world just that much smaller. [from NYC]

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