Sunday, February 15, 2009

Old PCVs, Allieu B. Massaquoi, etc

At long last this and my other blog are beginning to make contacts. This past weekend I have heard from a number of folks who either had connections with Sierra Leone or were Peace Corps volunteers there. My hope has always been to make these blogs the conduit for re-establishing contacts with other volunteers from that period, students from that period, or/and friends from that period.  If you come across this blog give me a hollar  at 
On my other blog site I have posted a recent email from Peace Corps Volunteer Lou Gadani who was a volunteer at the Kenema Government Secondary School where he taught English and Geography and also was track coach for Allieu B. Massaquoi - Sierra Leone Olympian in 1968 in marathon and 10,000 meters in 1968 and ? 1972( I wrote a posting in that blog site about Allieu). I had heard Lou's name mentioned before. We had overlapped very briefly in Sierra Leone (he left in July 1969 at or about the time we arrived in country). Lou's email fills in the gap as it was Lou who coached Allieu at KSS and helped set him on the road to coming to America. If you are interested, go to that blog site and read my posting entitled "Allieu B. Massaquoi" and also Lou Gadani's email to me at . Look in the blog archive. 
Allieu, if you are out there and happen to come across this posting, please get in touch. 

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