Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bondo at Dama Road - Kenema

above: Bondu women celebrate in front of #55 Dam Rd - Dama Road looking toward Kenema. That's Mrs. Porter's (Elizabeth Porter) house in the background.

1. above - taken in backyard at #55 Dama Rd - here women celebrate as part of the Bondu. In background is the kitchen for #55.

2. above - again in backyard at #55 Dama Road at about same time as 1st picture. That is Mama Hawa on left looking at camera with Bonya standing over her right shoulder.

3. above - taken in front of #55 Dama Rd. That's Dama Road running by as Bondo Devil heads out on road.

The above photos were taken at or around #55 Dama Road in Kenema. They were taken in 1969. [double click on any picture to enlarge it]

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