Friday, June 19, 2009

Construction Crew - at HRSS - 1970

This photo shows the construction crew at work on the Holy Rosary Secondary School Compound in 1970.  The school compound had been the Kenema Teacher's Training College but by 1970 there was only one class left as the TTC was winding down. The new HRSS secondary school was expanding as this photo shows with new class room construction necessary to accommodate the future forms (by 1970 HRSS had two forms).  In this photo the construction crew (from Bo area) is shown with the construction boss on the right (I do not remember his name). In the photo in the white shirt holding the metal support is school carpenter Joseph Fobie. In the background can be seen the school athletic field and beyond that a few houses in a neighborhood in Kenema. 

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Roger said...

I thought I recognized 'Joseph Carpenter'. What that man could make out of wood just using hand tools!

Roger Flahive HRSS 74-77