Saturday, June 13, 2009

Limba Man with palm wine heading to Kenema

look carefully in one of the palm trees to the left and you will see the young man below up in the tree, tapping it for palm wine. Below is the same person. [click on photo to enlarge]

Taken near Foindu Jct. [the junction of the road to Foindu with Dama Road] I watched this young man climb a palm tree, collect the palm wine in his boulie (dried gourd) and then climb down and head to Kenema to sell his wares. The tree he had been working on can be seen to the right of this photo in the background.  When I asked him if I could take his picture he agreed. He is seen with his climbing harness (over his right shoulder), his tool for poking a hole into the top of the palm tree, and with a gourd filled with fresh palm wine.   He was of the Limba Ethnic group and lived in a small village not far from our house called Limba Corner.  The Limba in our area did many jobs - but one that they seemed involved in more than others was the selling of palm wine.  They carried the wine in these gourd to market, two gourds balanced on the end of a stick balanced well on their shoulder.  On a hot day palm wine, which I thought had a very yeasty taste to it, could be very thirst quenching.    

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