Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mama Hawa's Sister

The above series are pictures of Mama Hawa's sister - a woman I did not really know but who I was asked to photograph. 

Mama Hawa was a neighbor and also an elder leader in the area Bundu Society. She and Mama Hokey seemed to be intimately involved with the planning that was a part of the Bundu Society in our area. She was a strong personality.  I became the neighborhood photographer when people got wind of the fact that I had a small darkroom and was willing to take pictures of people.  The cost to me was minimal and thus I was asked to make many pictures, all of which I would then print and give to my neighbors.  There are some already posted that show Mama Hawa and her daughter and grandchildren. This picture (the negative) I have labeled as "Mama Hawa's sister." My best recollection is that Mama Hawa asked me to take this one.  Her sister was older and did not speak Krio. Mama Hawa acted as interpreter the day I went to take her picture (my Mende was not good enough).  I seem to also remember that she was not well.  After taking this I printed up a few and gave them to Mama Hawa to distribute. 
Mama Hawa was typically a strong personality like most of the older women in our area.  Strong, proud, and smart, she often put me in my place when I would be walking about visiting people.  It was through Mama Hokey that we got to know her.  

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