Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mama Nancy

Mama Nancy

Mama Nancy and Granddaughter

Mama Nancy with family

MAMA NANCY was somehow related to my friend Patrick Garlough.  As my neighbors became aware of my dark room and that I gave away free pictures lots of people began asking me to take their picture.  As I remember it, Mama Nancy lived on the other side of Kenema from us - perhaps near Hanga Road.  Patrick may have had a girlfriend there and Mama Nancy may have been her grandmother.  I never did quite get the relationship.  One afternoon Patrick and I went to her house to take pictures of her, and of some of her children and grandchildren.  I do remember that she only spoke Mende, and that Patrick did most of the talking and translating with her.  These photos were taken in 1969 in Kenema. [click on pictures to enlarge]

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