Monday, June 29, 2009

A Note From Zach Niles on the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars and about "WeOwnTV"

This note below came to me and is self-explanatory. Having seen his picture a while ago - it was very moving. And now having seen the Refugee All Stars in person this past Friday I am impressed. Please Read his note ---->

"Hi Chad, 
My name is Zach Niles - I made the documentary film about Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars
[see my 6-26-2009 posting below] and now co-manage the band. I'm now working on a new project to teach filmmaking skills to young adults in Sierra Leone, the "lost generation" that you so accurately describe in your blog post. The project is called "WeOwnTV" ( and participants range from ex-child soldiers in Makeni to teen prostitutes in Kono and orphaned street kids in Freetown. We spent January in country interviewing over 60 different applicants (there's personal interviews inline of the 16 kids that we've chosen). We are madly in fundraising for the first stage of the workshop to take place in August of this year - and in the spirit of leaving no stone unturned, I thought I'd reach out to you to see if you may have thoughts, or a network you'd be able to spread the word to. I am now based in Woodstock, VT (where I was born and raised)and would welcome any thoughts you might have. Thank you for your time, for your kind words about the All Stars and for, like myself, keeping sweet Salone in your heart. "

All best,
Zach Niles
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