Monday, June 8, 2009

Salimattu Tholey Karankey/Wuya Karankey

Wuya (on left) and Salimattu - wives of Pa Karankey. Taken in 1970

Salimattu Tholey Karankey

Salimattu was the young second wife of Pa Karankey, a local Dama Road sundries merchant. Pa Karankey came from Guinea and was of the Mandingo ethnic group. As a young man he had contracted polio which left him with a withered leg and a favoring gait. However he got about without aids and seemed to do well. He had a small store across the road on the veranda at #55 Dama Road. He rented a room from Mama Hokey. Salimattu was his second wife. She was young and came from the north of Sierra Leone (she was of the Temne ethnic group). Most of her women friends on Dama Road were Mende. She seemed to get along with others well. Pa Karankey's first wife was named Wuya - she was Mende. Wuya was deaf and spoke with odd intonation as a result. This photo was taken on a day when Salimattu and Wuya got presents of matching dresses. They allowed me to take their picture together. [to enlarge photo double click on it]

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