Monday, June 8, 2009

The Village of Foindu in Nongowa Chiefdom

Taken at Foindu 1969 - there are several variations of this picture that I took
Above: Bondu Devil with attendant - taken at Foindu Nongowa (see below). This is a close up of scene below.

This photo, taken (1969) in Foindu in Nongowa Chiefdom, Kenema District, Eastern Province is of a Bondu Ceremony there. In it the Bondu "Devil" is seated with its attendant (to its left). The tall women standing in front of the doorway is the leader (Sowei in Mende) of the area Bondu, her name was Mama Hokey. Susan is also in this picture. On the window covering to the right (and behind the Devil) is a political poster of then Minister of Parliament B. S. Massaquoi who was a very popular political figure in the Kenema area. As noted on a previous posting he was killed (along with other leaders) by Rebels during the recent civil war. The young Bondu participants on the right (dressed in traditional white lappa and docket) are part of the preamble to initiation into the women's society. Some of the elders sit near Susan. There is one Bondu Girl in this group - she is standing to the Devil's left and next to the attendant. [double click on photo to enlarge it]

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