Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tokpombu (Nongowa) Bondu

Above: Susan carrying Iseta Daramy - at the village of Tokpombu (Nongowa) with Sabina Garlough (on right), Wuya Karankey (far right), and school girl Baindu Lansana (to Susan's right).

This photo was taken in the village of Tokpombu in Nongowa Chiefdom. The Bondu Devil - spirit of the Women's Society is in the center with many of my neighbors also in the picture. The head of the society (Sowei) is Mama Hokey - she is in the back to the right in the picture with the white headress (she is tall). Susan is also in the picture - she is holding Iseta Daramy (Elizabeth Garlough's baby). Bonya is to Susan's right with her baby standing. Some of my favorite pictures come from this village. This was taken in 1970. [double click on photo to enlarge it]

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