Monday, October 19, 2009

Elizabeth Garlough with Baby Isetta - 1969

Elizabeth Garlough was perhaps 18 when we met her. She befriended us the morning after our house got broken into by a thief - she was concerned for us because, "we had lost everything and now had nothing." She became our good friend. Elizabeth was thoughtful, generous, smart, and very funny. She had been through primary school, but when school fees dried up she helped her family at home run their school market, cooked food, and generally worked hard. Isetta (Daramy) was her first child. Her partner was a lorry driver who came from the North. Her parents were Sabina and Pa Garlough who I have featured in another earlier post. This photo was taken in front of #55 Dama Road across from where we lived. Behind her are some of the extended family kids that lived in this house. The little boy just pictured to Elizabeth's right is young Alfred Porter who lived in the next house with Mrs. Elizabeth Porter.

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