Friday, October 16, 2009

The Kabala-Kurobonla Road 1969

I have posted a number of descriptions of this very rough road. Public Transport from Kabala was usually by large lorries in which there could be as many as twenty (perhaps more) people. When crowded the vehicles could get very hot but given that travel along this northern tier was near the Sahara (several hundred miles closer than Kenema) it was hot at midday anyway. The trip was trying for everyone - with road dust adding an additional hardship to the ruts (which in places were treacherous). There were sections where as a traveler you had to stand and hold onto the siderails - this might result in your getting bounced about the vehicle and banged up a bit. As I have previously noted the road distance from Kabala to the end of the road and Kurobonla was about 75 miles - but this could take a full day of travel. And if there was a bridge or two out in the process travel could be delayed even further. The photo shows a somewhat better section of this road.

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