Saturday, October 24, 2009

On Top of Bintimani - 1970

Top photo is of Lloyd Ziegler who was a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer from Kenema who taught at the Holy Trinity Secondary School there (1969-72). In March 1970 Lloyd and I hiked Bintimani.

Bottom photo: That's me on the summit of Mt. Bintamani. Up there I remember looking out over the vast remoteness of the area below, standing as the clouds passed by, and looking from there to the Tinghi Hills (to the east) and to Guinea (to our north). The air was cool - In 1969 I remember thinking that this was the first time since arriving in Sierra Leone that the air was cool, less humid, and comfortable. It felt a bit like a nice New England summer day in the mountains. The view from Bintimani was breathtaking. Unencumbered by any indication of civilization, you could look for many miles over vast forests below. With the exception of occasional smoke coming from a village below, we looked out in every direction into the forests to our east, west and south, and to Guinea and the grasslands (savannah) with the Sahara far to our north. The romance of the moment remains with me to this day. You really felt alone and isolated.

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