Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bondo at Foindu Nongowa

In this photo Susan sits with Mama Hokey as a "mock" Bondo event takes place either at Foindu (where Mama Hokey came from) or perhaps at nearby village of Bitema. In this photo are also Bonya(near a post in the background), and next to her Baindu Lansana (on Bonya's left in the striped top; she was a student of ours at HRSS Kenema). Elizabeth Garlough sits 2nd from left with yellow bandana. In the background is a political flier on the window shutter advertising for B. S. Massaquoi, a local and well-known political figure in the Kenema area. Taken in 1969. Also in this picture is Moiyatu who is in the back on the right with orange headress and with white cloth material balanced on her head. Hokey "kpokpoi" is on the veranda (the small child) on the left just behind Susan.

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