Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pa Maju Bah's Cattle

Pa Maju Bah (see my prior postings and pictures about him) was the Fula section chief in our area. A wealthy man by Sierra Leone standards - he had been to Mecca and was a pious follower of Islam. He lived simply in Kenema where one of his many enterprises was cattle. Some of his herd is seen here in a pasture that sat below his house. He had herdsmen who moved the cattle from place to place around our area - it was not uncommon to see his men moving herds on the road as they sought new pastureland. The meat was tough. Once a week Amadou Bah (one of Pa Maju's many sons) would personally deliver a chunk of just-butchered meat to our doorstep. We had a tin box where it could be deposited if we were not home - but this was always a gamble as spoiling took place rapidly in the harsh tropical climate. Meat was expensive by Sierra Leone standards - I do not remember how much we paid for Amadou's deliveries.

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