Sunday, November 22, 2009

St. Paul's Boy's Primary School - Kenema

Although I had little to do with the boy's primary school, I did have many friends who taught there, and I knew the principal (teacher Goba) well. From time to time I tutored some of the teachers who were prepping for exams to further their education. The St. Paul's School was run in those days by the Holy Trinity fathers and was run well. Classes were crowded and I marvel at how resilient the students were. School fees were stiff, school uniforms were required, but there were surprisingly a large number of successes despite the somewhat challenging nature of the educational environment. This was the result of the simple ambition and desire to move on. From these humble beginnings came many a scientist, doctor, professional, educator - many advancing from these simple roots to universities all over the world. In those days the human spirit was alive and well in upcountry Sierra Leone. Despite all the many challenges faced by limited resources, many students went on to higher education and success elsewhere. Other teachers that I remember include John Koroma, Teacher Amara, and Andrew Zoker.

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