Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sabina Garlough

The above photos were probably taken in 1970 near our house in the Dama Road section of Kenema. This Bondo gathering I looked upon as a "mock" Bondo initiation. The "initiates" - some were very young - probably less than two years old. I had the feeling that this was a plan to get the children involved before they were caught up in either the Catholic Church (which was nearby) or another mission church. This was my thinking although I do not remember ever having this confirmed. click on photo to enlarge

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Grace Williams said...

Hi Chad,

My father showed this blog to me years ago when I was younger. He said that he had found photos of my Aunt Sabina. My father still owns the property on Dama Road where you spent most of your time photographing, he was recently in Sierra Leone rebuilding the place for his mother (my grandmother). I am leaving this comment to thank you for the photographs of my parents home. I have made my email available for you to write to me if you would like.

Kind regards,