Saturday, December 19, 2009

S.E. Rogie (Rogers) - Palm Wine Music

some connections to you tube - this man's music was popular in Kenema when I lived there. He eventually moved to the states and I believe died in the UK. He was what was in those days known as a High Life Singer. His music was popular throughout Sierra Leone. It was easy to listen to, pleasant, uncomplicated, and peaceful. He sang in Krio and Mende. (some English as well).


S. E. Rogie

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S. E. Rogie
OriginSierra Leone
GenresPalm wine music, Highlife
Years active1940s–1994
LabelsReal World Records

S. E. Rogie (born Sooliman Rogers) was a highlife and palm wine guitarist and singer from Sierra Leone. He was born in the 1940s and began performing early, while supporting himself as a tailor. In the 1960s, he became a professional musician, singing in four languages. His hits include "Koneh Pehlawo", "Go Easy with Me" and "My Lovely Elizabeth". He formed a band called The Morningstars in 1965, then travelled in Liberiaand the United States. In the US, he performed at elementary and high schools across California, and received awards from the US Congress and Senate, the cities of Berkeley and Oakland, California.

He moved to England in 1988. He died in 1994 shortly after recording his last album, Dead Men Don't Smoke Marijuana.

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