Sunday, December 20, 2009

Princess and daughter, Angela

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In the area where we lived in Kenema people became aware of my photography and as news spread that I had a dark room - it became a frequent event for me to be asked to take someone's picture. Often I took a picture with black & white film (the only film that I could process) and also a picture in color (I always carried two cameras in my bag). Usually within a week I would get a small print done to give to the person. I suspect there are many of those pictures that I took still tucked away somewhere with my old neighbors. The picture above is of Princess and her daughter, Angela. Princess lived in our area of Kenema, was a frequent visitor to our house, and on this day (a Sunday if I remember correctly) she and Angela had just come from either Church (they attended the Catholic Mission church on the HRSS school compound) or they came from Catholic education classes conducted by the Kenema TTC students. All dressed in their "Sunday Best," Princess came by and asked me to take this picture. I saw to it that she got a copy soon-thereafter. Taken probably in early 1970, Angela would now be in her forty's.

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